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2022-2023 Concerts 

​October 10th Fall Concert – BHS Auditorium

7:30 - 9th Grade, Prep Choir & Concert Choir


November 22nd Jazz Concert- BHS Auditorium

7:30 - Genesis Jazz and New Generation Jazz Choir


December 12th  7:30  Holiday Concert 1- BHS Auditorium

9th Choir, Prep Choir, & Concert Orchestra


December 19th   7:30  Holiday Concert 2- BHS Auditorium

Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra 

March 7th Midwinter Choral Concert – BHS Auditorium

6:00 - WMS 6th Grade, WMS 7th Grade & BHS 9th Grade

7:30 - WMS 8th Grade, Prep Choir, & Concert Choir

March 9th 7:00 BHS Children's Concert – BHS Auditorium

7:00 – BHS Children's Choir

May 15th  8:00  Spring Concert- BHS Auditorium

9th Grade, Prep Choir, Concert Choir 

2022-2023 Honor Choirs, Festivals, & Events

November 21st 7:00 PM Demons of Note (BHS Feeders and Jazz Choirs)


January 5th & 6th   High School All-State Auditions, BSC 


January 20th-22nd UND Honor Choir, Grand Forks

January 19th 6:00 PM BHS Jazz Dessert, BHS Commons

January 27th & 28th U of Mary Jazz Festival, Bismarck (New Generation & Genesis Jazz)


February 4th & 5th NDACDA SSAA HS Choir and 9th Grade (Jr High Honor Choir) Bismarck High School

February 22nd-25th  ACDA National Honor Choirs, Cincinnati, OH

February 23rd-25th BHS Musical (Mama Mia)

March 23rd-25th  High School All-State Music Festival, Bismarck


March 30th  WDA Music Contest – Legacy Methodist, Bismarck


April 28th State Music Contest – University of Jamestown




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