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Bismarck High School Choir



BHS Choirs

At Bismarck High School there are 3 performing choirs and 2 auditioned Jazz Choirs. Choir offerings are:


  • Freshman Choir

  • Prep Choir

  • Concert Choir

  • Genesis Jazz Choir

  • New Generation jazz Choir

Ticket Prices

At The Door

Adults: $5.00


Students (K-12): $3.00




Patron Pass

$50.00: Family/Business

  Good for admission to most BHS Choir, Band, and Orchestra concerts  throughout the school year.

Additional Information

Bismarck High School is a 9-12th Grade High School located in Bismarck North Dakota. The current enrollment is approximately 1,300 students. The choir program consists of approximately 150 students in grades 9-12.

Fly to Paradise-Whitacre-BHS Concert Choir 10/16 - Unknown Artist
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